3 Easy Ways to Clean Window Coverings

Window coverings like blinds, shutters, and shades give a different look to our homes. Not only do they prevent excess sunlight from coming in, but also with their various designs and colors, they add to the beauty of the house. Although, these window coverings have to be maintained.

They usually get dirt on them from time to time which might make them less attractive. Thus, it is important to keep these coverings clean. But, cleaning them is not easy said than done because they are usually attached to mechanisms like cords and rods which are very delicate and can easily break. Cleaning of each window covering is done in a different way.

We will discuss how you can clean some of the more common types of coverings.

Firstly, we look at the wooden blinds. These are generally easy to clean, and they also do not need to be cleaned often. But, when they need to be cleaned, this is the procedure you can follow. The first thing you need to know is what not to use on the blinds. Do not wash these blinds with water. Water can cause discoloration and bubbling. Also, be sure to not use Ultrasonic cleaners and chemical solvents as they can also damage the wood. Instead, tilt the slats at a 45 degrees angle. This will instantly remove some of the dust. Take a clean dry cloth and lightly wipe the slats. If you have an old sock, pull it over your hands and gently wipe the slats. This will allow you to remove dust from both the top and bottom parts of the slats.

Next up are aluminum blinds. These blinds are some of the easiest ones to clean because they are extremely durable and thus, they do not require to be handled with as much delicacy as some of my other blinds. Aluminum Blinds can be cleaned by just wiping them with a clean cloth. If you are looking for a deeper clean then grab some cold or warm water in the spray bottle and add a tiny amount of soap to it. Spray this on the slates and wipe them with a cloth. Be sure to not use hot water to make this solution. Aluminum heats up pretty quickly and it may cause you burns.

Lastly, we have solar shades. Solar shades are some of the most durable window shades out there. Additionally, part of solar shades blocking UV rays means that they are made of fade-resistant PVC fabric. They can also resist moisture. These all qualities make solar shades really simple to clean. If light cleaning is needed, use a feather duster attached to a vacuum. For deep cleaning, use soap and water on a cloth to wipe the shades.


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