Solar Shades for Windows

Solar shades for windows are best known for their potential to block UV rays of sunlight while still maintaining your vista outside the window. Additionally, they can reduce glare, hence most suitable for media rooms.

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Solar Shades
Solar Shades

Squeeze the energy cost
Solar shades can reduce the energy cost by a minimum of 15%

Better Privacy
Solar shades are best known for providing privacy while still allowing soft light to pass through!

Feature UV resistance, flame retardancy, and antimicrobial materials. Both Manual and motorized versions of solar shades in Las Vegas are available.

Mrs. Blind’s Can Assist You Pick The Ideal Solar Shade

We can customize solar shades according to your necessities; hence delivering the perfect window treatment for your space. Whether you want a cordless lift, continuous cord loop control, or motorized lift, we have got you covered.

We are a team of experts with a substantial amount of experience.

First-rate products
To install your solar shades, we operate modern techniques & always use high-quality products as we believe that client satisfaction is the priority.

Our experts will examine your space and help you select the right choice of color & pattern.

Solar Shades

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Why Your Home Needs Solar Shades & How to Choose the Perfect One?

Solar shades are well-known window treatments because of their ability to deflect ultraviolet radiation from the sun while preserving your view outside the window.

Solar shades might be the best option if your windows let in excessive sunshine. For windows in sun-exposed spaces, they are a fantastic window treatment solution.

They also can reduce glare, making them ideal for media rooms. This ability also stops the fading that the sun causes to home items like furniture, carpets, and surfaces.

Solar Shades

Why Use Solar Shades?

1. Privacy

Solar Shades can block outsiders from seeing into your home during the day and offer a modest level of privacy. You can also get the best of it by stacking solar blinds with draperies to provide more privacy at night and light filtering during the day.

2. Reduces Heat:

Solar curtains help to lower heat by reducing glare and obstructing light. Also, the color choice will determine how well it blocks light and heat. Lighter fabrics reflect more light than darker shades, depending on how much light you want to stop, as darker fabrics block more light and heat.

How to Choose the Perfect Solar Shades?

Choosing the perfect solar shades for your home, offices, and other places that require them can be a hassle. The major step to choosing a befitting one is contacting a well-known agency for help. Mrs. Blinds is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of solar shades in Las Vegas. We have a team of professionals with significant years of experience who will guide you through the processes.

Final Notes

At Mrs. Blinds, we customize solar shades based on your requirements, delivering the ideal window covering for your room. Our professionals will evaluate your room and assist you in making the best color and pattern choices. Send us a message today, and let’s beautify your home according to your preference.

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