5 Interior Design Ideas to Elevate Your Windows

Windows are a crucial part of a house. They have major roles that make them so important. Firstly, the windows bring in natural light so people can feel closer to nature. Additionally, they give a view of the outside, so you can see what is going on outside of your house. Moreover, windows provide a great opportunity to add beauty to the house. Window coverings are one of the ways the windows can bring an aesthetic look.

Here, we will discuss ideas of how you can elevate your windows.

Firstly, modern-day shades and blinds are a solid option to go for over the old-fashioned vinyl shades. Choosing the right blinds will ensure a better room appearance, light control, and aesthetics. Modern blinds are readily available in a variety of styles e.g., Wood and Faux Wood blinds, Vertical Blinds, and Venetian Blinds.

Another idea to look at is the motorized coverings. Their demand is constantly growing especially in the business field. These coverings are programmable. They are extremely convenient and with them, you do not need to take time out to pull them up or down. Additionally, shades are energy efficient and thus they do not raise your energy bill. Also, the shades keep most of the light out, helping to maintain a cool temperature in your house. Hence, your cooling system would not have to work that much, and you will save even more on your energy bill.

In addition, modern home designs definitely lean towards wooden blinds. The natural wood gives a calming, soothing, and natural ambiance. There are some other benefits of wooden blinds as well, one of them being their low maintenance. There is not much dust that settles on the slats so you do not have to worry about cleaning them as often.

Moreover, one creative idea is to have a multifunctional space such as a home office with a bedroom. Likewise, maybe a pull-out bed and roller shades. There are a lot of two-in-one roller shades available in the market. These shades are multipurpose and combine a light-filtering sheer with a room-darkening liner. You can use these blinds in accordance with what you want. You can use diffused light when required. If you want privacy or the light from outside is disturbing, then you can use roller shades to block all the light.

Finally, solar shades are a solid option to elevate your windows. Solar shades use home automation and thus raise up or go down on schedule. These shades can be programmed as well, which makes it very convenient for you as you do not have to worry about getting the shades up or down. There are several other benefits of automated solar shades as well. The most important one is saving energy. It is estimated that these shades reduce energy costs by 15%. Additionally, they also provide protection from UV rays.


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