How Often Should You Replace Blinds, Shades & Shutters?

Window shades give an aesthetic look to our homes. Not only do they prevent excess sunlight and UV rays from entering the house, but they also add color to the rooms. Although these shades look good for some time, they generally have a life span, and after time they will start to show signs of wearing out meaning that you should probably replace them because they no longer can do their job properly. How often you need to replace the blinds varies a lot. The time can depend on the material of shades, and how much care have they been dealt with.

Faux wood blinds and mini blinds have the shortest scale of life. These blinds are one of the cheapest in the market and with them, you get what you paid for. Mini Blinds have thin slats and hence they require immense care, especially when cleaning them. One small incident can ruin a slat, this will mean that the whole set of slats is useless. The repair of the slats in this case will cost you around or even more than the cost of actually buying a new set of slates. Provided these binds are kept with the care that they demand, they can easily last you one to two years.

Out of all materials, aluminum is the most durable one. Aluminum is as hard as steel but lighter at the same time. Having the strength of steel means that it will not break or crack that easily while being cleaned. Being lightweight is also a positive. It means that they do not put much pressure on the supports hence it is less likely for the supports to fall off. Also, Aluminum Blinds can resist water and moisture. This means that the material will not weaken and hence will have an extended life. That all being said, aluminum blinds can easily last you up to 7 to 8 years.

Finally, shutters beat the rest of the competition by a long way when it comes to their life span. One of the shutters called the Ovation wood shutter can easily last up to 15 to 20 years. Again, it depends on how carefully you use them. If used with care, they could even go past the 20-year mark. The rigid structure and the protective layer give them the strength to last so long. In addition, the louvers are attached to the frame separately. This means that in an incident where the louver is damaged, it can be easily replaced.

Lastly, Polywood plantation shutters are the king of longevity. They have a solid structure, and along with this, they are waterproof and heatproof. Polywood plantation shutters can last you up to 30 years.


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