What Is The Difference Between Drapes And Curtains?
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Curtains Las Vegas is a top choice when you want a fusion of aesthetics and performance. But like many others, do you think that window treatment has multiple products with multiple names, but they more or less do the same thing only? Whether it is blinds or drapes, they control the amount of light and boost privacy. So to talk technically, you are right, but these different types of window treatment products have substantial differences.

At Mrs. blinds, we are professionals in the window treatment industry with years of experience. We would love to discuss various home designs to boost the magnificence of every room in your residence & guide you in selecting the appropriate window treatment as per location, sun direction, style, pattern, length, type of room, and much more factors.

Still, if you are puzzled, here is a basic introduction to the different window treatments.


The simplest way to control light in your home is through curtains in Las Vegas. In layman’s words, curtains are simply panels of fabric that are hanging on both ends of the window. To limit the sunlight and increase privacy, they are pulled together in between.


Drapes are similar to curtains, but they are much heavier in terms of fabric. This allows them to limit the light more effectively. Drapes are well-known for offering a traditional or eloquent look.


Blinds are window covering; to be precise, they are hard window coverings containing slats that move up and down. They can be controlled using a manual pull cord. Blinds are made of wood, such as woven and faux wood. You can also choose other materials such as metal, composite or woven grass, eventually giving you a classic, architectural and clean look.


Shades are smooth and soft window treatments that cover a substantial portion of a window opening, fit perfectly in your window, and stack elegantly at the top. Shades can be rolled up with a springy device or pulled up and down by cords. Despite the fact that shades don’t have slats, the fabric provides a warm, flowing feeling, which makes them soft window coverings.


Shutters are nothing, but solid window covering that consists of vertical stiles and horizontal rails. They are one of the classic options for the easy-to-use window. They are used for multiple reasons, like controlling the amount of light, privacy, and better appearance. Most importantly, they are incredibly durable; hence can withstand any unwanted and sudden weather conditions.


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