Window Coverings for Oddly Shaped Windows
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Oddly shaped windows often catch attraction. They add style and beauty as well as uniqueness and creativity to the house. With all the positives of oddly shaped windows laid, it is important to address some challenges that you might face to maintain them.

It can be tricky to cover oddly sized windows. This is because their dimensions are not what most windows have, thus the options become somewhat limited.

Having said that, there are still some creative ways to cover these windows.

Firstly, shutters are a solid way to cover windows with odd shapes. The good thing about shutters is that they can be customized to your liking. There are different shapes that these shutters can take up. For instance, they can be made into circles, hexagons, octagons, and even arches.

Secondly, curtains are also a very good option to cover such windows. Curtains are simple yet they are versatile and have the ability to add different colors to your home. There are certain ways the curtains can work. For example, if you have a large arched window in your house, curtains can really come in handy. If you place a rod above the arch and hang the curtain down from it, not only will the window be covered by the curtains, but the curtain’s color will also add to the beauty of the house. There are endless color and design options available for curtains so you can go with what suits you best. Moreover, you can take the style one step further by decorating the curtain rod as well.

Thirdly, blinds are also a great way to cover oddly shaped windows in your home. Blinds can really work on windows with an angled top. Looking further into the mechanism, only the top part of the blinds in the triangle tilts. When you raise the blind, it raises to the triangle’s bottom. This means that the area of the triangle is covered with blinds at all times. However, this is a complex task, and the measurements of your windows have to be taken precisely, hence it would be better to call in a professional who can accurately measure your windows and give you an estimation. Bringing somebody in who knows what they are doing will make sure that the blinds get fitted incorrectly, so you do not lose any time or money.

Last on this list are cellular shades. An advantage of these shades is that they have a wide range of shapes including the major ones like the arches and the triangles. You can also choose from a long list of colors and textures, giving you an opportunity to get what suits your home best. Moreover, the honeycomb design of these shades brings additional benefits like noise reduction and better insulation.


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